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SEE Health, Population & Environment (HPE) Model Question | 2074 [2018] | SET 01

Secondary Education Examinations -SEE
MODEL QUESTION (SET 01) – 2074 (2018)
Time: 2:15 hrs
Full Marks: 75

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Candidates are required to give their answer according to the given instructions.

समूह – ‘क’ (Group – ‘A’)  [11X1=11]

1. What is an entrepreneurship?
2. How can total fertility rate be calculated?
3. Why is the earth called lonely living planet? Mention any one cause.
4. Write the full form of GLOF.
5. What is the value of high human development index?
6. Give any one example of ex-situ conservation.
7. What is the name of germ that causes stomach cancer?
8. Mention any one cause to Golden 1000 Days program is an effective program for health infants. Why?
9. Mention any one cause of alcoholism.
10. What is choking?
11. Sucking blood during snake bite is harmful. Give a reason.

समूह – ‘ख’ (Group – ‘B’)  [9X4=36]

12. Mention on economic aspect of HPE Education.
13. The total population of a certain city in 2055 BS was 2,60,000. In that year, 3800 people came to the city for settlement and 3000 people migrated out from the city. Calculate the in-migration rate and gross migration rate of the city.
Mention the measures of population management with its meaning.
14. What is sustainable development? Explain any two principles of it in brief.
15. List out the major functions of the environmental conservation and explain any one of them.
16. Show the difference between HDI and PQLI.
17. Mention any four activities to conserve biodiversity of the local community.
Mention the roles of locals to conserve the endangered animals.
18. Why is communicable disease different from non-communicable disease?
19. How should we take care of a pregnant woman? Mention any four measures.
20. Why is alcoholism considered as a cultural problem? Prove it.
Why is generally young generation indulged in drug abuse?

समूह – ‘ग’ (Group – ‘C’)  [4×7=28]

21. The rapid population growth is a problem in your community? Mention its impacts on environmental and socio-cultural aspects.
22. What should we do for equal distribution of population in three regions of Nepal? Mention.
23. Mention any seven preventive measures of worm diseases.
24. How should the newly born baby be cared? Mention any seven effective suggestions.

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