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Food Science Optional II | Question Paper | RE-720 | 2073 [2017] | SEE

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SEE 2073 (2017)
FOOD SCIENCE OPTIONAL II (ऐच्छिक द्वितीय खाद्य विज्ञान)
Time: 1 hr 30 minutes
Full Marks: 50

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Attempt any ten of the following questions. [10×5=50]

1. What factors should be mentioned clearly on the label of a packed of readymade food packet? Write any five of them in brief. [5]

2. What do you understand by disease ‘Diabetes’? Write any four symptoms of it. [1+4=5]

3. Write short notes on any two: [2.5+2.5=5] a. (Hepatitis)         b. (Dehydration)
c. (Vitamin ‘D’)

4. How many types of kitchen shapes are in practice? Name them. Describe in brief any one of them. [5]

5. What do you mean by kitchen equipments? Write their advantages with examples. Name any four of the modern equipments used in the kitchen. [3+2=5]

6. How many types of frying are in practice? Describe them with examples. [2.5+2.5=5]

7. What are the effects of heat on protein, carbohydrate and vitamins while cooking? Write separately. [5]

8. Why is it necessary to make rules while conducting a hostel mess? Write any three terms and condition. [2+3=5]

9. Write short notes on any two: [2.5+2.5=5] a. (Half catering)
b. (Direct cost)
c. (Menu card)

10. Make a list of the factors that to be considered while planning a meal. Discuss in brief with examples about meal planning according o the season. [2+3=5]

11. Write in short about the fortification of common salt and vegetable ghee. [2.5+2.5=5]

12. Which nutrients are lacking in milk? Which nutrient is generally added in milk and why? [1+1+3=5]

13. Describe the traditional method of food service. [5]

Check Question Paper Of Food Science Optional II (RE-720) | Secondary Education Examination [SEE] | 2073/2017.

Food Science Optional II 2073 Question Paper (RE-720)


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