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Compulsory Social Studies | Question Paper | RE-122-SP | 2073 [2017] | SEE

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SEE 2073 (2017)
COMPULSORY SOCIAL STUDIES (अनिवार्य सामाजिक अध्ययन)
Time: 3 hrs
Full Marks: 100

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-Group ‘A’-

Write very short answer of the following questions. [8×1=8]

1. Prepare model of any two questionnaires to investigate the cultural characteristics of Karnali region.
2. Mention the roles of guardian to prevent their children from being addict of smoking, drinking alcohol etc. in two points.
3. Parliament have right to formulate Act in Parliamentary Democratic Ruling System, why? Write your opinion in a sentence.
4. Introduce ‘Downs’ and mention its major characteristics.
5. Which symbols (index) are used to denote the following facts in the map?
6. Write any two things that Nepal should learn from tourism development of Kenya, the African Nations.
7. There was downfall of Monarchy in many European Nations after the First World War but it existed in Great Britain, Why? Write your logic in a sentence.
8. Present a main reason why Great Britain remained silent although Hitler breached the Versailles Treaty.

-Group ‘B’-

Write short answer of the following questions. [14X4=56]

9. Introduce briefly the projects of national glory that is in operation in your community or development region on the basis of the following points.
(Name of the Project) – (Objective)
(Coverage Area) – (Expected Achievement)

10. Express the impacts in four points that may bring in the all round development of Terai-Madhesh by “Hulaki Highway” multi-popular as well as the project of national glory.

11. Define skilled human resource. What are the necessary steps that should be taken by the state for the long-term human resource development? State.

12. Show the following data in a pie chart.
There are 30% of efficient human resource, 40% of semi-efficient human resource and 30% of non-efficient of human resource among women’s of Rama’s community.

13. Have the efforts become effective or not to preserve folk musical instrument and folk songs in local community? Write your opinion in four points.

14. What sorts of roles should civil society and social activist play to increase public participation in National Day ? Write in four points.

15. Briefly describe the contribution of any two international organizations which are active to eradicate social problems in Nepal.

16. ‘It needs political commitment to control corruption’. Write your opinion in four points.

17. Prepare a model of speech including the process of constitution amendment.

18. Justify that climate affects vegetation with reference to the mediterranean climate.

19. You have conducted the research about the general election of 2015 B.S and 2048 B.S. What similarities and dissimilarities have you found? Show in table.

20. Prepare a model of letter to Nepal Tourism Board including the measures to promote external tourism in Nepal.

21. Write the name of any two bodies of UNO and state two functions of each.

22. How has Nepal played the role in International Forum as a member of the UNO? Mention in four points.

-Group ‘C’-

Write long answer of the following questions. [4X9=36]

23. Introduce Public Service Commission and Election Commission. Compare these two constitutional bodies in five points. [2+2+5=9]

24. Sketch the full page map of Nepal and insert the following facts with appropriate symbol. [3+(6X1)=9] (Lake Tilicho),(Dhulikhel), (River Koshi), (Bardia National Park), (Api Himal), (Swargadwari)
In the given map of world, insert the following facts using appropriate symbol (index). [9X1=9] (St. Lawrence River), (Tropic of Cancer), (San Francisco), (Chile), (Mt. Acancagua), (Pampass), (Savana Grassland)), (Madagaskar Island), (Atlantic Ocean)

25. What evaluation have you made in regard to implementation of the voices raised in Second Mass-Movement after the establishment of ‘Loktantra’ in Nepal? Clarify in four points. Mention the role in five points to be played by citizens to strengthen the implementation further. [4+5=9]

Imagine, you met a participant of People’s Movement 2062/63 B.S. who became disable in the movement. Prepare any five model questionnaires. Evaluate the movement on the basis of his response in a paragraph. [4+5=9]

26. What is foreign employment? Now, nearly 2000 Nepalese youth go to abroad everyday for employment. Mention any four advantages of foreign employment. State any four problems faced by youth while going for foreign employment. [1+4+4=9]

Check Question Paper Of Compulsory Social Studies (RE-122-SP) | Secondary Education Examination [SEE] | 2073/2017.

Compulsory Social Studies Question Paper 2073 (RE-122'SP')


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