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Compulsory Social Studies | Question Paper | RE-122-PU | 2073 [2017] | SEE

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SEE 2073 (2017)
COMPULSORY SOCIAL STUDIES (अनिवार्य सामाजिक अध्ययन)
Time: 3 hrs
Full Marks: 100

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-Group ‘A’-

Write very short answer of the following questions. [8×1=8]

1. Show any two projects of national glory with objectives that are in operation in your community or development region.

2. Imagine, you are the co-ordinator of a social organization, what do you do to make the organization’s function effective? Write your plans in two points.

3. A politician states, ‘Threshold obstructs the democratic procedure’. Do you agree or disagree with his/her view? Write your logic in one sentence.

4. Mention any two examples to justify the changed life-style of ‘Inuits’, the inhabitant of polar zone.

5. What does the index indicate related to earth quake?

6. Most of African countries and Nepal have low social index. Is the factor of low social index similar or different? Write your opinion in a sentence.

7. Election of Referendum is considered different than periodic election, Why? Write in a sentence.

8. Which one do you consider the most important positive consequence of the second world war? Write your opinion with reason.

Group ‘B’

Write short answer of the following questions. [14×4=36]

9. Mention any two problems faced by eastern terai districts and present the ways of solution in two points.

10. Examine the impacts brought in the social change by project of national glory.

11. What can be the short term plans to be formulated by government to produce the essential skilled human resource for development? Present in four points.

12. Suppose, you are eager to do something for the nation staying in your motherland as an ‘efficient human resource.’ What should be your roles to contribute selfemployment using your education and skill? State in four points.

13. “It requires public participation in renovation of cultural heritages”. Mention your opinion towards this statement in four points.

14. Is the local community’s activeness to preserve the folk cultures sufficient? Write your opinions in four points.

15. Why are dowry and Deuki customs defined as gender discriminations? Write in four points.

16. “Human trafficking adversely affect on the society.” Write your views in four points about it.

17. Present any four conditions that hinder the registration of political party in Nepal.

18. Justify that climate affects the vegetation and wild-life with reference of the equatorial climate.

19. Show the causes of American involvement with its effects in the First World War in a table.

20. Present any four bases while formulating plan in local level.

21. Differentiate between the General Assembly and the Security Council of the UNO in four points.

22. What kind of role has been playing by Nepal as a member of Non-Align Movement? Identify any four roles and write them.

Group ‘C’

Write long answer of the following questions. [4×9=36]

23. Mention each three functions of Public Service Commission, Election Commission and Commission for the Investigation of Abuse of Authority in Nepal. [3+3+3=9]

24. Sketch the full page map of Nepal and insert the following facts with appropriate symbol. [3+(6×1)=9] (Lake Indra Sarobar), (Coffee Production Area), (Araniko Highway), (Bhairahaw Airport), (Kanchanjungha Conservation Area), (River Karnali)
In the given map of world, insert the following facts using appropriate symbol (index). [9×1=9] (Lake Superior), (Area of Coniferous forest), (Hudson Bay), (Paraguay), (Gulf of San Jorge), (Savana Grassland), (South Sudan), (Pampass), (Kalahari Desert)

25. Present any four evidences that political instability had increased in the period between 2007 B.S. to 2017 B.S. What five ways if implemented, it would be effective to resolve that? Present your conclusion. [4+5=9] Or,
Imagine, you met a cadre of a political party and made an inquiry on various aspects of Mass-movement 2062/63 B.S. Now prepare a report on the basis of received information and your self-study in following sub-headings. [2+2+3+2=9] a. (Title and Introduction)
b. (Objectives)
c. (Findings)
d. (Conclusion)

26. What is tourism industry? Mention any four problems seen in the development of tourism in Nepal. Give any four suggestions to the Government of Nepal to solve the problems of tourism industry. [1+4+4=9]

Check Question Paper Of Compulsory Social Studies (RE-122-PU) | Secondary Education Examination [SEE] | 2073/2017.

Compulsory Social Studies Question Paper 2073 (RE-122'PU')


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