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Compulsory Social Studies | Question Paper | RE-122-MA | 2073 [2017] | SEE

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SEE 2073 (2017)
COMPULSORY SOCIAL STUDIES (अनिवार्य सामाजिक अध्ययन)
Time: 3 hrs
Full Marks: 100

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-Group ‘A’-

Write very short answer of the following questions. [8×1=8]

1. Present any two major cash crops with production districts that are cultivated in Far Western Region in a table.
2. Write any two measures to prevent the contemporary social problems like cyber crime.
3. What sorts of effects would be there due to the provision of many constitutional organs which have similar function, duties and rights? Write your opinion in a sentence.
4. Although Amazon Basin and South-east Island lie in the same climatic belt, the life-syle is difference there, how? Justify in two points.
5. Write the meaning of the following index.

6. If you were inhabitant of South-west in the USA, in which economic activities would you involve? Write your opinion with a geographical reason.
7. Introduce ‘Black Hand’ with objectives.
8. Williman II was more responsible to outbreak the first world war than Bismark. Do you agree or disagree? Present your view with reason.

-Group ‘B’-

Write short answer of the following questions. [14×4=56]

9. State any four religious and cultural importance of the Eastern Development Region.

10. Federalism can be the best opportunity for the development of nation. It will be a great curse of the nation, if it is not managed properly. Make clear about this concern with four points.

11. Discuss the contribution that can be made by educated women for the progress of family and society.

12. Suppose you have made a project work on ‘status of women’s violence’ in your community. Mention the objectives, methods and findings of the project in brief.

13. Mention your opinion in four points towards the contribution of Stephen Hwaking in science.

14. Evaluate the condition of heritages of Nepal enlisted in World Heritage List in four points.

15. Suppose you are a Chief District Officer of any one district of Nepal. If you are requested to express your views as the chief guest of a program conducted in your district to discuss about ‘Girls Trafficking and Flesh Trade’. How do you express your views? Prepare short speech including your prospective.

16. You observed that the youths in your locality have became drug addict. What sorts of activities should be done to prevent them from such addiction? Write your opinion in four points.

17. Prepare a model of public notice including the requirements for registrating the name in voter’s list.

18. Justify that climate affects natural vegetation with reference to the tropical monsoon climate.

19. Present the significant political events and their effects from 2017 B.S. to 2036 B.S. in a table.

20. Prepare a plan to attract tourist in great himalayan trail in four points.

21. Write two functions of each International Monetary Fund and World Health Organization in Nepal with examples.

22. What should be done to make the works more effective of the UN specialized agencies working in the field of Nepalese socio-economic development sectors? Present in four points.

-Group ‘C’-

Write long answer of the following questions. [4×9=36]

23. What is meant by political party? What conditions have to be fulfilled to establish a political party in Nepal? Write down the roles of political parties to institutionalize democracy in four points. [1+4+4=9]

24. Sketch the full page map of Nepal and insert the following facts with appropriate symbol. [3+(6×1)=9]

(Mt. Saipal), (Janakpur), (River Trisuli), (Jute production areas), (Shivapuri National Park), (Siddhartha Highway)
In the given map of world, insert the following facts using appropriate symbol (index). [9×1=9]

(Prairies), (Lake Superior), (Gulf of Mexico), (Andes Mountain Range), (Argentina), (Guiana Highland), (Atlas Mountain), (Kalahari Desert), (South Sudan)

25. You have learned the lesson that groupism invites destruction from World War I and World War II. Now, write a review on the socio-economic effect in your community due to political and other groupism. [1+8=9] Or,
Imagine, one of your family members got impaired or disable by the involvement in Mass-Movement of 2046 B.S. Now, prepare five model questionnaires to be asked to him/her and enlist the responded answer too. Present the summary in a paragraph on the basis of those questions and responses. [2.5+2.5+4=9]

26. What is periodic plan? What types of programme should be included in the periodic plan for development of Nepal? Mention any five programmes and write the reasons to include those programmes. [1+4+4=9]

Check Question Paper Of Compulsory Social Studies (RE-122-MA) | Secondary Education Examination [SEE] | 2073/2017.

Compulsory Social Studies Question Paper 2073 (RE-122'MA')


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