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Compulsory English | Question Paper | RE-101-MP | 2073 [2017] | SEE

Symbol No. …
SEE 2073 (2017)
Reading and Writing
(Written Test)
Time: 2:15 hrs
Full Marks: 75

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Candidates are required to give their answer according to the given instructions.

1. Read the poem and do the tasks that follow.  [5]


Your Mind is a meadow           Of stars and snow;
To plant for your needs           The science of numbers,
You are the farmer                   The stories of time,
With knowledge of seeds,        The magic of music,
Don’t leave your meadow        The secrets of rhyme?
Unplanted and bare,                Don’t be a know-nothing!
Sow it with knowledge             Plant in the spring,
And tend it with care.               And see what harvest
Who’d be a know-nothing       The summer will bring
When he might grow
The seeds of knowledge
-Eleanor Farjeon

A. Find the words from the poem that are opposite in meaning to the following words. [4×0.5=2] a) full b) overts
c) ignorance d) everything

B. Answer the following questions. [3×1=3] a. What is our mind compared with?
b. What will happen if we leave our mind unplanted and bare?
c. Write any two fields of knowledge that a reader is suggested to
plant in his meadow.

2. Read the text below and do the tasks that follow. [10] Human milk is biologically specific for human babies. Simply put, this means that each species of mammal makes milk that is uniquely suited for its young. Cow’s milk is high in protein and minerals because baby calves are up and running within hours after birth-rapid muscle and bone growth is necessary for their survival. In contrast, the human survival organ is the brain. Human milk is high in factors that promote brain growth. This means that children who were breastfed tend to score higher on IQ test, due to the beneficial effects of human milk on neurodevelopment. As a side note; why not choose a mammal closer to humans to provide an artificial milk supplement for human infants-a primate, perhaps? Can you imagine a gorilla sitting passively, attached to a milking machine like a cow? Not very likely, but kind of fun to think about.

A. Write ‘True’ for true and ‘False’ for false statement. [4×0.5=2] a. Protein and minerals are high in cow’s milk.
b. The children who were breastfed tend to score higher on IQ test.
c. Mammals do not breastfeed their young.
d. Human milk is high in factors that restrict brain growth.

B. Rewrite the following sentences in the correct order. [4×1=4] a. The human survival organ is the brain.
b. Human milk is beneficial for neurodevelopment.
c. Mammals’ milk is uniquely suited for its young.
d. Calves start running within hours after birth.

C. Answer the following questions. [4×1=4] a. Which milk is better for a baby; human milk or cow milk and why?
b. What is high in factors that promote brain growth.
c. Why is rapid growth of baby calves’ muscle and bones necessary?
d. What is the central organ of human being?

3. Read the following text and do the tasks that follow. [10] John Keats, the eldest child of his parents, was born in 1795 in London. When he was only eight, his father died, and before he was fifteen, his mother died of tuberculosis, leaving him in charge of the orphan family. In 1818, his brother, George left for America. The same year another of his brother, Tom died of tuberculosis foreshadowing Keats own death from tuberculosis after three years later. He was alone, bewildered, financially pressed, and deserted by his Lady-love. In addition of these all tragedies, his poems were unfairly criticized by the critics. Yet he continued to hold before himself the ideals of sincerity, open mindness and generosity.

His poetic craftsmanship and artistic talent are best reflected in his odes, On Grecian Urn, To Autumn, To a Nightingale, and his long classical poem Endymion and the unfinished Hyperion. His poetry was bitterly and unjustly condemned by the critics of his time. Nevertheless, Keats as genuine artist went on writing, and the fame denied in his life was lavishly granted after his death.

Keats is the classic example of the gifted poet who died young. Before his death at the age of twenty-five, he succeeded in writing poems, that, in talent and imaginative power in mastery of phrase, ranks among the highest achievements in English poetry. It is clear that his talent had only started to unfold which his untimely death closed forever. Without any relatives, deserted by his love, unjustly criticized by the critics, and seized in the fatal grip of tuberculosis, disheartened and lonely, the best talented poet, Keats died on 23rd, February 1821, and buried in Rome. Had he lived a bit longer he would have excelled even Shakespeare.

A. Match the words in column ‘A’ with their meanings in column ‘B’. [4×0.5=2] Column A Column B
a. confused         i. generosity
b. kindness         ii. denied
c. refused           iii. deserted
d. left forever     iv. bewildered

B. Select the best alternative to complete the following sentences. [2×1=2] a. John Keats’ mother died because of ……..
i. asthma ii. heart attack iii. tuberculosis
b. Keats’ poetic craftsmanship and artistic talent are best reflected in his ode …..
i. Othelo ii. On Grecian Urn iii. Hamlet

C. Answer the following questions. [3×2=6] a. When and where was John Keats born?
b. Who was in charge of the orphan family and why?
c. What characters did Keats show although he was pressed with hard times?

4. Read the following text and do the tasks that follow. [15]

Vacancy Announcement

Deva Bikas Bank Ltd., a National Level ‘B’ Class Financial Institution is looking for qualified, dynamic and career oriented Branch Managers in Officer Level for its branch in Chitwan and Nawalparsi Districts.
Position: Few Branch Managers (Officer Level)
Qualification: Minimum Bachelor Degree, (Prefered Master Degree from reputed university)
Age: Not exceeding 40 years.
Experience: Minimum 4 years of relevant experience in Banking including 2 years in supervisory role with sound knowledge of credit and marketing.
Other requirements: Must be proficient in writing/typing English and Nepali and must have two wheeler licence. The Branch Manager is responsible for the administration and efficient daily operation of a branch office including operations, lending, product sales and customer service in accordance with the bank’s strategic goals.

Interested candidates are requested to directly apply at within 15 days. Only short listed candidates will be called for an interview.

A. Find the words from the text which have similar meanings to the following. [4×1=4] a. active and full of new ideas
b. prestigious/renowned
c. closely connected with the subject
d. excellent to do something

B. Complete the following sentences with appropriate words or phrases from the advertisement above. [3×1=3] DBBL is looking for a dynamic person for the position of …….. with qualification of minimum …….. from reputed university. The interested candidates can send the application via ………. within 15 days.

C. Answer the following questions. [4×2=8] a. Mention the working location for the selected candidates.
b. Write any two extra requirements except the academic qualification.
c. What is the candidate responsible for?
d. How will the candidates be selected?

5. Complete the following dialogue with the correct expressions from the box given below. [6×1=6] Daniel: ………………………….
Carlos: I am very well, and you Daniel?
Daniel: ………………………….
Carlos: My family is very well. But, I don’t have much time for them.
Daniel: ………………………….
Carlos: Yes, you are right.
Daniel: ………………………….
Carlos: It’s not possible. How can I do that?
Daniel: ………………………….
Carlos: Yes, I will try.
Daniel: ………………………….
Carlos: Bye!

– Hope you can do that.
– Probably, you can change your daily routine.
– You should manage sometime for them.
– Are you very busy most of your time.
– Thank god. I’m fine and what about your family?
– Hello Carlos, how are you?

6. Develop a story with the outline given below. [6] A lazy donkey………. master kind ………. donkey falls in water with salt bags………. salt dissolves………. donkey realises the weight lessened ………. uses it as a trick for some days regularly………. master faces a great loss………. loads donkey with cotton………. donkey uses the same trick………. feels the cotton load unbearably heavy………. can’t walk properly………. master beats………. donkey realises his mistake………. moral.

7. Write an essay on “Healthy Habits and their Importance in Life’ in about 200 words. You can use the given clues. [12] Introduction ……….examples ………importance……….conclusion.

8. Choose and copy the best answers. (Rewriting is not compulsory) [12×0.5=6] a. I bought some cheese, ten mangoes and …… bottle of water. (a/an/the)
b. I should visit my grandma who is ……. Bir Hospital. (in/at/nothing)
c. No one is absent, ……. ? (are they/aren’t they/is they)
d. A number of students ……. absent today. (are/is/have)
e. They didn’t buy a book ……. .(so I didn’t/neither I didn’t/neither did I)
f. Richa ……. the task yet. (doesn’t finish/hasn’t finished/not finished)
g. The negative of ‘I have already completed it,’ is ……. (I haven’t already completed it/I haven’t completed it yet/I haven’t completed it already)
h. Mr Dahal said to me, “Please help me.” Its indirect speech is: ……. (Mr Dahal requested me to help him/Mr Dahal requested me to help her/Mr Dahal requested me to help others)
i. A new school building ……. now. (been built/is being built/are being built)
j. The cake ……. I ate yesterday was very delicious. (that/when/where)
k. If water boils, it ……. into steam.(changes/will changes/changed)
l. The manager made the staff ……. all the tasks. (to do/do/does)

9. Choose and copy the best answers. (Rewriting is not compulsory) [10×0.5=5] Did you ….(a)…… (hear/heard/hearing) about Jeena? She got a small part in a film recently, ….(b)……(did/didn’t/don’t) she? She had to ride her bike to….(c)……(a/an/the) top of a hill and then go down the hill without stopping. Unfortunately, while she….(d)……(had gone/was going/ goes), she fell ….(e)……(from/of/off) her bike into some bushes. She got her right arm….(f)……(break/broke/broken). She said with herself,”….(g)……(He was/She was/I am) lucky. I didn’t break my neck!”. Of course, the Director was sorry….(h)……(and/but/because) he did not want this scene in the film. It….(i)……(excluded/was being excluded/ was excluded) when it was finally edited. Jeena could not have gone to see herself at the cinema if she….(j)……(know/knew/had known) it earlier.

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