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Artwork (Chitrakala) Optional II | Question Paper | RE-743 | 2073 [2017] | SEE

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SEE 2073 (2017)
ARTWORK (CHITRAKALA) OPTIONAL II (ऐच्छिक द्वितीय चित्रकला)
Time: 1 hr 30 minutes
Full Marks: 50

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अ. Attempt any Two questions from the following. [2X8=16]

1. Explain in brief with example about the introduction and scope of art.

2. Describe with suitable example about the golden period of Nepalese art.

3. Introduce the Renaissance art of Europe.

आ. Attempt any Six questions from the following. [6×4=24]

4. Write with example about the importance of colour in an art drawing.

5. What is design? Write the importance of it in Nepalese society.

6.Describe what is ‘abstract art’.

7. Introduce with example about the ‘informal balance’.

8. Introduce the work style of Artist about ‘impressionism’.

9. Write the importance of ‘Rhythm’ in art drawing.

10. Introduce the life history of artist ‘Amar Chitrakar in short.

11. Write with example about the importance of ‘Light and Shade’ in painting.

12. Which colurs are secondary colour? Clarify.

इ. Choose and copy the best answer. [10×1=10]

13. What is the cause to be the figure big in front & small in back?
a. (Cause of Harmony)     b. (Cause of Foreshortening)     c. (To colour figure)

14. Who started modern art in Nepal?
a. (Lainsingh Bangdel)     b. (Shashi Bikram Shah)     c. (Uttam Nepali)

15. Which artist went England along with Jung Bahadur?
a. (Bhajuman Chitrakar)     b. (Premman Chitrakar)     c. (Bakhatman Chitrakar)

16. What purpose is canvas used for?
a. (For oil clour)     b. (For poster colour)     c. (For water colour)

17. To which ism is Picasso’s paintings related?
a. (Cubism)     b. (Symbolism)     c. (Impressionism)

18. Primary colour is ………….
a. (Red, Yellow, Blue)     b. (Purple, Yellow, Blue)     c. (Orange, Red, Yellow)

19. What is the main characteristics of water colour?
a. (Transparency in colour)     b. (Not soluble in water)     c. (Opaque in colour)

20. ………. related with Edward Mannet.
a. (Impressionism)     b. (Expressionism)     c. (Realism)

21. ……… related to art style of Amar chitrakar.
a. (Krishna Leela)     b. (Ramayana)     c. (Shah period art)

22. The instrument painting knife is used for which medium?
a. (For clay work)     b. (For oil painting)     c. (For wood carving)

Check Question Paper Of Artwork (Chitrakala) Optional II (RE-743) | Secondary Education Examination [SEE] | 2073/2017.

Artwork-Chitrakala Optional II Question Paper 2073 (RE-743)


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