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Animal Health II | Question Paper | RE-ANS601 | 2073 [2017] | SEE

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SEE 2073 (2017)
Time: 1 hr 15 minutes
Full Marks: 40

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दिइएका निर्देशनका आधारमा आफ्नै शैलीमा सिर्जनात्मक उत्तर दिनुहोस्।
Candidates are required to give their answer according to the given instructions.

-Group ‘A’-

Attempt any four questions. [4×1=4]
1. What is the cause of coccidiosis ?
2. Write the Name of external parasite of goat.
3. What is causative agent of anthrax ?
4. Write the full form of PPR.
5. What is another Name of bacillary white diarrhea.
6. What is the cause of milk fever ?
7. Define epidemic.

-Group ‘B’-

Attempt any eight questions. [8×2=16]
8. Enlist two internal parasites of cattle.
9. Write the etiology of liver fluke ?
10. What are the controlling measures of external parasite?
11. Enlist two eco-parasites of cattle.
12. Write down the couse of Brucellosis.
13. Write the two another name of Enterotoxaemia.
14. Write down the symptoms of canine distemper.
15. Write two difference between pullouum & gallinarum.
16. Write the full form of IBD. Write the etiology of gumbro.
17. Write the callsative agent of Brooder pneumonia.
18. Write the symptoms of a flatoxicosis.
19. Enlist the four milk Borne diseases.
20. What is thawing ?
21. What is cyclopia ?

-Group ‘C’-

Attempt any four questions. [4×5=20]
22. Explain the life cycle of liver fluke.
23. Write the symptoms of mastitis and controlling measures.
24. Enlist the stage of rabies and write its symptom and preventive measures.
25. Write the etiology, symptoms and prevention of CRD.
26. Write the etiology and postmortem lesion of ranikhet.
27. Why is milk fever not called fever ? Write the symptoms and treatment of milk fever.
28. Explain artificial insemination technique in detail.

Check Question Paper Of Animal Health II (RE-ANS601) | Secondary Education Examination [SEE] | 2073/2017.

Animal Health II Question Paper 2073 (RE-ANS601)


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