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Compulsory English | Question Paper | RE-101-MA | 2073 [2017] | SEE

Symbol No. …
SEE 2073 (2017)
Reading and Writing
(Written Test)
Time: 2:15 hrs
Full Marks: 75

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Candidates are required to give their answer according to the given instructions.

1. Read the poem and do the tasks that follow.  [5]


This is the weather the cuckoo likes,
And so do I;
When showers betumble the chestnut spikes,
and nestlings fly;
And the little brown nightingale bills his best,
And they sit outside at ‘The Travellers Rest’
And maids come forth sprig-muslin dressed
And citizens dream of the south and west,
And so do I.

This is the weather the cuckoo shuns
and so do I;
When beeches drip in brown and duns,
And thresh and ply;
And hill-hid tides throb, throe and throe,
And drops on gate-bars hang in a row,
And rooks in families homewards go,
And so do I.
-Thomas Hardy

A. Find the words from the poem that are opposite in meaning to the following words. [4×0.5=2]
a) worst b) inside c) displaced d) loves

B. Answer the following questions. 3×1=3
a. When does nightingale sing?
b. What plan do citizens have in the spring?
c. Does the poet like the weather described in the second verse? Why?

2. Read the passage and do the tasks that follow. [10]

It was always me who had to take care of Nima. And it wasn’t easy. She was always doing strange things and the other children would laugh. I used to feel so ashamed, there were times I even felt I hated her. But it really wasn’t her fault. You see, Nima is mentally retarded. Although she is older than I am and taller, she can’t do many things, she can’t read or write. What she calls writing is just wild scribbles across the page.

Whenever I am with my friends she wants to be with us. My mother has to go out to work so that leaves just me…… I have to look after her.

“She is your sister! You have to take care of her. If you don’t who will? I’ve got to go out to work, otherwise what are we going to eat?” Mother used to say.

Well, that was true. Even since Father died, life hadn’t been very easy for mother and I guess I hadn’t made things any easier, grumbling about having to keep an eye on Nima and all that!

A. Rewrite the following sentences in the correct order. [4×1=4]
a. Her mother had to go out for work.
b. To take care of Nima was very difficult.
c. Their father had already died.
d. The speaker had a regular duty that she had to do.

B. Write ‘True’ for true and ‘False’ for false statement. [4×0.5=2]
a. The writer took it easy to take care of Nima.
b. The speaker had to stay at home with Nima.
c. Nima is the speaker’s elder sister.
d. She used to complain against her mother.

C. Answer the following questions. [4×1=4]
a. Why does Nima show strange behaviour?
b. What made the speaker feel ashamed?
c. Who compelled the speaker to look after her sister Nima?
d. How many members are in her family? Who are they?

3. Read the following piece of news and do the tasks that follow. [10]

Dr KC ends 22-day fast after deal

Manish Gautam, Kathmandu Dec. 4
Dr. Govinda KC ended his tenth hunger strike on 22nd day on Sunday morning after reaching a 12-point agreement with the government on Saturday night.

Dr KC drank juice offered by two-and-a-half-year old Marsaang Tamang, who lost his mother in the earthquake last year, to break his fast at TU Teaching Hospital. The orthopaedic surgeon was taken to the ICU ward of the hospital immediately after breaking the fast. He signed the agreement paper which he had agreed to on Saturday night. Weakened by the voluntary starvation, his health would be closely monitored for a few days before he is discharged.

“We are fighting to improve the quality of health education. I hope the government will not drag its feet again on implementing the agreements.” said Dr KC, who briefly spoke after breaking his fast. He asserted that he would always be ready for protests if the government failed to live up its commitment.

In his latest hunger strike, Dr KC pressed for an end to political meddling in universities and arbitrary appointments to key posts, including dean at the Tribhuvan University Institute of Medicine. As a result of Dr KC’s series of hunger strikes, MBBS fees have been set at Rs 3.8 million. The agreement also has that public medical schools will reserve 50 percent seats for free education while eventually all the quotas would be made free of cost.

A. Match the expression under column ‘A’ with the correct continuation under column ‘B’. [4×0.5=2]
Column A                                    Column B
a. Govinda KC is                           i. political interference in universities.
b. He demanded to stop              ii. free health education.
c. 50 percent seats should be      iii. the fees set to study MBBS. reserved for
d. Rs. 3.8 million is                       iv. an arthopaedic surgeon.

B. Write ‘True’ for true and ‘False’ for false statement. [4×0.5=2]
a. Dr. KC had lost his mother in the earthquake.
b. Dr. KC sat in hunger strike for 22 times.
c. The public Medical schools will provide 50% free scholarship quota as per agreement.
d. He believes that further protests will be necessary.

C. Answer the following questions. [3×2=6]
a. When was the agreement made to end the strike?
b. Who offered him juice to break his fast?
c. What did he say after breaking his fast? Write any one.

4. Read the advertisement and do the tasks that follow. [15]

Announcement of Vacancy

United Mission to Nepal (UMN) is an international development organization which aims to enable the poorest people living in poverty to transform their lives. As they serve the people of Nepal, multicultural teams of Nepali and volunteer expatriate staff work alongside local organizations in ten districts of the country, building partnerships that lead to healthy, dignified and transformed community.

Health is one of the key technical areas of UMN’s programmes and focussed on lasting positive change in the health of the poorest people living in poverty. The Project Manager will be responsible for overall management of a new Maternal and Child Health Project as well as contribute to other UMN’S health project. He/she will ensure technical excellence and give strong technical assistance to the Health Programme Officers in UMN Cluster Offices.
Position: Project Manager-Health (Kathmandu Based with frequent visit to Doti and Bajhang)
Qualification and Experience:
– Master’s degree in Public Health or equivalent.
– 3-5 years experience in community health programmes.
– Good knowledge of Nepal’s health situation.
– Good computer skills, knowledge of database application would be an advantage.
– Excellent Nepali and English language skills.
– Sound knowledge and experience in project management.
Salaries and benefits will be as per UMN Standards.
All interested individuals who meet the minimum qualifications are encouraged to apply for the position. The Job Description and Application Form can be downloaded from our website: www.umn.org.np/vacancy. Completed application forms should be sent by e-mail to nepali.recruit@umn.org.np by 4:00 PM on 21 December 2016. Short listed applicants will be invited to participate in an assessment process.

A. From the advertisement, find the words which have similar meanings to the following. [4×1=4]
a. person in exile b. similar in value
c. make sure d. evaluation

B. Fill in the gaps with appropriate words from the above advertisement. [3×1=3]
a. UMN is working in ……. of our country to bring positive change in poor people’s life.
b. The Project Manager should provide technical help to …………… in branch offices.
c. S/he should be computer literate with the knowledge of ………. application.

C. Answer the following questions. [4×2=8]
a. Where will be the duty station of the Project Manager?
b. How much salary will be paid for this post?
c. How can the application form be received?
d. Who are motivated to apply?

5. Complete the following dialogue with the correct expressions from the box given below. [6×1=6]
Nima: Hi Gauri. How are you doing?
Gauri: Oh, hi. I’m doing alright ………………….
Nima : …………………….. . The weather is so pleasant, isn’t it?
Gauri: Yes. …………………….
Nima: I wish it was like this all the year round.
Gauri: Me too. So, where are you going now?
Nima: …………………………………….
Gauri: Going to do a little shopping as well?
Nima: Yeah, ………………………………….
Gauri: What’s the occasion?
Nima: It’s their anniversary.
Gauri: That’s great! …………………
Nima: I’ll see you next time.
Gauri: Sure. Bye.

– It’s absolutely beautiful today.
– Well, you better get going.
– Not too bad.
– I’m going to buy some presents for my parents.
– How about you?
– I have to meet a friend of mine at the department store.

6. Write a short story with the help of the following outlines. [6]
The frogs pray for a king ……. the god, Jupiter drops a log of wood in their pond……. frogs call it “King Log” …… but King Log does nothing for them …….. just lies in the pond …… frogs pray for an active king …… Jupiter sends them a stork …… king stork eats up frogs.

7. Write an essay on “Importance of Tourism in National Development” in about 200 words. [12]
You can use the given clues.
Introduction ……. Roles …… Contribution …… Conclusion.

8. Choose and copy the best answers. (Rewriting is not compulsory) [12×0.5=6]
a. I am …….. optimist. (a/an/the)
b. He began his work …….. sunrise. (at/on/in)
c. Let’s listen to the news, …….. ? (shall we/will you/shall you)
d. Mathematics ….. rather difficult subject. (is/are/has)
e. Kushal speaks English but he …….. speak Hindi. (didn’t/won’t/doesn’t)
f. …….. glasses but now I have contact lens. (I’m used to wearing/I used to wear/I was wearing)
g. The reported speech of statement: Teacher said, “Don’t go there.” is: Teacher asked me …….. (didn’t go there/not to go there/hadn’t gone there)
h. ‘Help the poor’ – can also be said as …….. (The poor should be helped/The poor are be helped/Let the poor helped)
i. Ramila went to hospital …….. she could visit the doctor. (to/because/so that)
j. Had she been the principal of this school, she …….. it properly (would run/would have run/will run)
k. Has he stolen her purse? Its statement is …….. her purse. (he has/he has stolen/he stole)
l. Sita had her dinner …….. (to prepare/prepared/prepare)

9. Choose and copy the best answers. (Rewriting is not compulsory) [10×0.5=5]
Science has told us so much ….(a)…. (on/about/to) the moon that it is fairly easy to imagine what it ….(b)….(is/will be/would be) like to go there. It is certainly not a friendly place, ….(c)…. (isn’t it/is it/does it). There can be no life of any kind on the moon ….(d)….(because/therefore/although) there is no air or water. For mile after mile, there ….(e)…. (are/has/is) only flat plains of dust with mountains around. Above, the sun and star shine in ….(f)….(a/an/the) sky. If you stop out of the mountain shadow, ….(g)….(you were/you will/you would) move from severe cold to great heat. The moon is also a very silent world, for sound waves can only travel through air. But beyond the broken horizon, a friendly sight ….(h)….(is seen/was seen/to be seen). The astronauts say, “….(i)….(The earth shines/The earth shone/The earth will shine) more brightly than the stars.” From the distance, our earth looks like an immense ball, clouded blue and green and brown. The sight of the heavenly bodies makes us ….(j)….(wonder/wondered/to wonder) about the universe.

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